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The Asian menu of the Sia restaurant is based on the traditional recipes, procedures and technologies which we connected with the experience and ideas of the international team of the chef Jiří Štift. Under his management, the menu is prepared in cooperation of the cooks from Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Moravia and China.

The restaurant interior has the exotic poetics of Asian marketplaces. In our restaurant the dishes are also prepared in the open-plan kitchen – on three storeys and right in front of our guests. They can watch how home-made noodles and Chinese dim sum dumplings are made, Peking duck is carved or meat and fish are prepared on the Japanese robata grill.

Like in Asia, we also serve the individual dishes in the middle of the table in the sequence in which they are finished in the kitchen. During lunch or dinner the guests will try more dishes and a visit in our restaurant is therefore not only a gourmet pleasure but also a visual experience shared with your friends and family at the table.

Exotic ingredients are imported directly from Asia and ingredients available in our country are purchased from well-tried suppliers from the nearest area. The dishes in the menu are complemented with our original Asia inspired cocktails and a selection of unique teas.

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